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Answered By: Kathy Clark
Last Updated: Jun 26, 2014     Views: 2

I can see that with this topic you might have trouble finding something without all of the medical jargon.

My suggestion is to visit the Social Work subject guide found here:

Try using one of the Social Work, Sociology, or Psychology databases found at that link (such as socINDEX or PsycINFO). The articles will be less technical than the nursing databases. If a lot of the titles still seem to be over your head, read through the abstracts to see if you can find the answer that you're looking for. Sometimes with difficult topics, you have to sift through a lot of tough information in order to find the golden nugget you're looking for.

I would also try to play around with different keywords. Is there any other term that you can use to describe this issue without using the technical phrase "blood-barrier"? Perhaps try doing a google search to get ideas of other terms that might apply. Here is one link that discusses the Blood Brain Barrier in relation to Alzheimers:

If you're still having touble finding something, please feel free to come into the library. We have lots of books on addictions and social work, and we would also be happy to assist you in finding the right databases to look through.