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Answered By: Stephanie Licko
Last Updated: Mar 05, 2018     Views: 7

Yes.  The multi-funcition device (MFD) in the library lobby may be used for faxing. Instructions below apply only to the MFD in the Phillips Library Lobby.

Incoming/Receiving Faxes

  • Phone Number 630-844-3848
  • Received automatically; no login needed
  • Patrons are fully responsible and must be present to receive faxed documents
  • Library staff accepts no responsibility for incoming faxes; when found they are discarded

Outgoing/Sending Faxes

Give a printable copy of the instructions (see the link below)  to the patron and/or ITS student assistant.

  1. Log in or swipe your university ID card
  2. Press the Fax button on the screen
  3. Enter the fax number as:   8-1- (area code) ### - ####
  4. Place the document in the upper tray face up, or on the copy screen face down
  5. Press the green Start button to begin scanning
  6. When successful (e.g., the receiving line is on and not busy), the progressing status displayed at the bottom of the display screen will be
    • Calling
    • Sending
    • Sent
  7. Wait for the receipt to print