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Answered By: Stephanie Licko
Last Updated: Mar 05, 2018     Views: 1

When you visit you'll see basic search first. It's the box in the middle of the landing page with the phrase "Journals, primary sources and now BOOKS" written above it. You can put in phrases, keywords, authors or titles without any special formatting.

You can get to advanced search from the JSTOR landing page by clicking on the 'advanced search' link beneath basic search. You can also hover over the search option in the upper left hand corner of the screen (it's the option to the right of "JSTOR Home"). 

  • You will not be able to search without text in the first two fields. If you only chose a journal to narrow your search, for example, you will get an error that says, "We could not complete your search because nothing has been entered in the search form. Please try again."
  • The character limit on advanced search is 250 characters (including spaces).

-Text from JSTOR's "Searching: A Practical Overview" page