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Answered By: Allyson Palagi
Last Updated: Jun 05, 2017     Views: 30

To access databases from home or work, you will first be prompted to login to Phillips Library.  This login page uses the same username and password as Moodle, email and WebAdvisor.  Below a screenshot of the login page, you can find troubleshooting measures if you are having difficulty logging into the library's databases and other electronic resources.


Troubleshooting measures are below.

  • Can you login to WebAdvisor?  If yes, try other AU applications (email, Moodle,etc.).  If you are successful, use the same login information for the library's sites. 
  • Has the password been changed? And, is the compute auto-filling the password field?  If yes, then type in the password because the auto-filled password may be outdated.
  • If the browser auto-fills the correct password for AU sites like email or Moodle, but not for the library's sites, the saved password may be outdated for the library's sites.  Check your browser's settings to view your saved passwords and update as needed.
  • Try switching to the Mozilla Firefox browser, AU's webpages are optimized to run on this browser.
  • If you can login to WebAdvisor, you may change your password.  When a password is reset in WebAdvisor, the change takes effect immediately for access to Moodle, WebAdvisor, the library's proxy server and email. But, there will be a one-hour delay for logging onto the campus computers and WiFi network.

If the troubleshooting measures above do not result in login success, refer to IT Services.