Appointments are available for professional or peer tutors Monday through Saturday.  Each discipline is different and students should consult the tutoring pages on this site for more information.


Students are required to cancel a minimum of one business day in advance during business hours. Students who fail to cancel in advance or “no show" for an appointment two times in a semester will lose their privilege to schedule appointments and will be limited to drop-in services only.

Drop-in services*

Math lab
Weekly Recitations
Weekly Review
Same Day tutoring (based on availability for professional staff only)

*excludes one-on-one Peer tutoring

Make An Appointment

To make an appointment with a professional or peer tutor click the green "Appointments Online" button.  Please have your AU ID# and course code (example: IDS1610 or MTH1100) available. 

If the green button says "Appointments Offline," please call the ASC at 630-844-5520.

Main Office Hours

The Academic Support Center is located in the southeast corner of Phillips Library on the first floor.  Tutoring hours vary however administrative office hours are:

Summer Term            8am - 4:30pm

Fall Term                    8am - 8pm Monday through Thursday
                                   8am - 5pm Friday
                                   9am - 2pm Saturdays (beginning 9/16)